Alfred gets to tell his story

Paper hoard“One day at our favorite cafe Alfred told me about the mess of papers piling up in his apartment. “I hoard,” he helpfully explained. So I gave him a day of assistance in weeding out his collection. That was last year. By last week Alfred’s place had returned to its primeval condition.

“We’d never gotten to the piles of paper in the loo, so the bathtub is of course still full of canceled checks saved since 1970, and yellowed bank statements are still heaped on the board that covers the tub like a coffin lid…”

Read the rest: Alfred gets to tell his story, at Crosscut.

Background about Freestyle Volunteering is in A little about me. More Freestyle Volunteer stories are at Get Started, tabbed above.

2 Responses to Alfred gets to tell his story

  1. poppyandsally says:

    Judy, I’m moved by the scope of the stories you tell – beyond what we imagine to be so for people we observe on the ‘street’ and might think, mistakenly, that we understand. Moved, and yet, intuitively, I’ve always felt it must be so, that there is intellect and vitality beyond immediate circumstances. It’s a revelation to know the greater stories.

  2. PoppyandSally, thank you for taking the time to write with such encouragement and appreciation. It means a lot to me!

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