Homeless hard workers

homeless porch 2M and W are homeless in Seattle. I met them early last Wednesday morning when I asked to take their photo for this blog, after which we moseyed down to Jack in the Box for breakfast sandwiches and OJ.
In conversation both men came across as good people. W asked where he might find a used sleeping bag – the one that covers them both at night belongs to M – and when I couldn’t come up with a suggestion, he shyly dropped the hint that Big 5 had new ones on sale for $12.95. I could afford that, and said so.
Then I remembered several long-postponed chores in my yard and asked the two men if they’d like to work for me awhile that day. They eagerly agreed. For several hours they did various jobs at my house, weather-treating the deck, washing the front porch, cleaning eye-level house trim, etc.
M was laid off when the landscaping and tree service crew he worked for downsized. He’s strong and quick, noticed details that needed meticulous attention, and took care not to make a mess while doing a messy task. W was happy to be working:  “The time goes so much better!” he smiled. It testified to his decency that after being paid he didn’t mention my promise to buy him a sleeping bag, when many in his position might have tried to extract as much as possible from a receptive “soft touch.”
If you’re interested in hiring M or W, please email me: judylightfootmail at yahoo dot com (I avoid conventional email form to keep spam engines from finding my address). If you have enough work for only one man I recommend M, who is helping (when he can) to support a 1-year-old son – mother and baby live at her mom’s house in Burien.
Also, do you have any suggestions about how to help M get on the road to a better life? He’s only 30, and hope is still alive in him. He’s ashamed to be without a college degree and wishes he’d completed at least community college, but knows there may be no chance for that. Mainly he wants employment, realizing that many others are in the same boat. M stays faithfully in touch with his son as well as with his mother in Louisiana, shows no signs of drug use or alcohol abuse,  speaks frankly about himself and his life, and works hard and carefully. Like the Old Gray Goose, he’s worth the saving! But of course everyone is.
Please check out my Freestyle Volunteer project at How I started Freestyle Volunteering, tabbed above.

2 Responses to Homeless hard workers

  1. mary carothers says:

    If M is interested in going to a community college-several colleges in Puget Sound offer the food stamp program. If M is recieving food stamps-he can get either a certificate or two year degree paid for through this program. There are also other programs that could him as well. He should call his local community college and ask what might be available. They could possibly also assist with work options.

  2. Mary, I’ll pass that on to M. Thank you for writing.

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