“A student by day, he’s homeless by night”

According to Debra Smith’s article in HeraldNet,

Delay in financial aid check has forced EvCC student into tough situation:

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and Ryan Lindley’s van won’t start.

He discovers this early in the morning, after crawling from the brown leather sofa wedged in the rear of the van, out the back and around to the driver’s seat. He jams the key in the ignition, turns it and expects the engine’s rumble.

Instead he gets a weak RRRR, RRRR, RRRR as the engine feebly turns over. The interior lights fade in and out.

For many people, this is an inconvenience. For Lindley, it’s serious trouble.

His 1989 Dodge van is his everything: where he sleeps, where he keeps all his belongings, how he gets from here to there.

Sometimes it’s what keeps him warm…. (Continued at HeraldNet)

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