Hopeful signs – ending stigma around mental illness

Glenn Close and sister Jessie

There’s a wonderful, hopeful story in the online Seattle P-I today about BringChange2Mind, a nonprofit founded by actress Glenn Close, whose sister and nephew have mental illnesses. That sister and nephew, Jessie Close and her son Calen Pick, will be the keynote speakers tonight, June 18, at the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Seattle University’s College of Education. The goal of BringChange2Mind is to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

This campaign is urgently necessary. I just received an email from a young man who thinks he may have a mental illness and wants to consult a psychiatrist. But his parents refuse to consider the possibility that their son may be ill in this way!

May the day soon arrive when brain disorders are treated with the same kind of consideration and respect as are diseases like cancer and diabetes. The online videos at BringChange2Mind are effective tools for hastening this change.

So is becoming a freestyle volunteer, and choosing one person who shares our public spaces but is socially isolated by mental illness, to meet at a cafe for coffee and conversation once a week. Tips are here and tabbed above.


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