Volunteer as a Community Companion!

Are you looking to connect to your community? Do you have a desire to learn about the impact of homelessness and mental illness on the life around you? Want to learn about what you can do to help? Consider training to be a Community Companion Volunteer with Plymouth Healing Communities!

PHC  is a small nonprofit that supports adults who have experienced homelessness and are living with mental illness. We operate with the understanding that the cycle of hospitalization and homelessness, characteristic in the lives of many of adults living on the streets, can be broken.

Isolation has proven to be a key factor in perpetuating homelessness and deteriorating mental health. In recognizing this, PHC works to address the debilitating impact of isolation by offering regular companionship, conversation, and community connection to adults in our program.

You can volunteer as Community Companion and play a vital role in working to open up our community to welcome all of its valuable members.

Community Companion Volunteers are a part of a team of volunteers offering companionship and community support to our Program Participants. Volunteers highlight the healing strength of companionship by forging influential relationships through supportive, genuine conversation and engaged listening. As a volunteer you will walk alongside, encourage, and empower others as they reconnect to their community.

Volunteers meet with Program Participants weekly in the community for conversation over coffee or tea. This brief time, dedicated to engaging Participants in one-to-one conversation, has proven to be immeasurably healing. The simple power of conversation and human connection in promoting health and well-being will astound you.

Click here for more details about the trainings, or contact

Anne Mathieson, PHC Community Companion
annem [at] plyhc [dot] org


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